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Venue:- The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, 6, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07

24 - 26 November 2022

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Compassionate Surgery

President of the CSSL

The SLSC 22; Compassionate Surgery

The key annual academic event of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka (CSSL) – The Sri Lanka Surgical Congress 2022 (SLSC 22) - the 51st Annual Academic Meeting of the College will be held from 23rd to 26th November 2022 in Colombo.  It will be a joint meeting with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the SAARC Surgical Care Society.

We will be having an expert faculty from both Sri Lanka and abroad joining the meeting. The SLSC 22 features an array of pre-congress workshops, plenary lectures, symposia, meet-the-expert sessions, masterclasses, orations, and research paper presentations, reflecting different foci of interest and depth. We will be having literary and historical presentations as well to enrich the sessions together with a lineup of social events. At the same time, we are so very sensitive about the current socio-economic milieu of our country. However, the final beneficiaries of the deliberations at the SLSC 22, are the surgical patients of Sri Lanka through excellence in surgical care. I am confident that this meeting will further strengthen and enhance our bridges of friendship and academic and professional cooperation with our sister surgical Colleges and Associations abroad.

As the CSSL now has got excellent infrastructure facilities with the Golden Jubilee development and renovations, the entire Congress will be held in College precincts this year. This will enable us to save funds for meaningful academic and training activities.

As surgeons, we are leaders of surgical teams and hold positions in trust for the benefit of patients. While the SLSC 22 as usual will deal with areas that focus on surgical excellence, there will be an additional focus on medical humanities, especially looking at a quality that we all should possess at all times – compassion. Our theme this year will be Compassionate Surgery – compassion all around, towards patients, peers, team members at all levels and beyond.

We all at the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, unifying surgeons of all surgical specialties, look forward to seeing you at the SLSC 22.


With warm regards,

Satish K Goonesinghe


The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka


Congress Co-Chairs

The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka is the apex surgical academic body of the country. Started as a homeless group of surgeons, we have elevated ourselves into one of the premier academic centers in south Asia over the past half-century. We are a family of compassionate specialists delivering surgical care in all corners of the island, united under one roof, guiding the health authorities on safe and effective surgical care for patients and most importantly promoting the surgical training of the junior surgeons, doctors, and other allied health staff through lectures, training courses, workshops etc. By collaborating with the SAARC Surgical Care Society and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Glasgow, we have expanded our links regionally and internationally for mutual gains in surgical knowledge and expertise.

This year we are treading past our 51st anniversary, with the theme “Compassionate Surgery”, culminating in Sri Lanka Surgical Congress 2022 or SLSC ‘22, from 23rd to 26th November held in Noel & Nora Bartholomeusz Centre, the grand Dutch architectural Academic Centre at no:10, Independence Avenue, Colombo 07.

 Breaking through the Covid 19 barrier, we tried to promote the true meaning of our theme throughout this year, which is “stepping alongside the patient, acknowledging their concerns, and guiding them into an area of health and wellness through the correction of the illness”, while exhibiting the essentials of love, concern, sensitivity, kindness, tolerance, and transparency all the time. Notwithstanding the fatal blows by the severe economic restrictions and Corona to surgical care in the country, The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka is continuing its herculean journey towards excellence in compassionate surgical care.

We invite all the surgeons, doctors, and academics to register and witness this year’s congress comprising pre-congress workshops, symposia, plenaries, master classes, breakfast talks, free paper sessions, and orations delivered by an expert panel of international and local surgeons. Trainees’ Night, happening for the first time, is expected to be a fabulous opportunity for the budding surgeons to gather, display and enjoy their aesthetic talents and thoughts.

SLSC ‘22 aspires to gather and disseminate knowledge and skills necessary to develop state-of-the-art surgical facilities where the highest standards of care, including safety for patients, can be administrated by loving, compassionate, professional staff that support the vision of the surgeons and the wishes of the patients.

Gayan Ekanayake & Amila Jayasekera

Academic Co-Chairs

Sri Lanka Surgical Congress 2022, the landmark event of this year’s academic calendar of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka will be held as a hybrid meeting over three days commencing from 24th November 2022, in Colombo. This will be in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and the SAARC Surgical Care Society, as it has been in the past.

The emphasis of the College this year is “Compassionate Surgery” and this will be highlighted in many segments of the Congress which includes a stand-alone symposium on the same topic.

The congress will feature more than 100 resource persons representing the UK, USA, SAARC Countries, New Zealand, Singapore, and Sri Lanka focusing on wide range of Surgical and Non-surgical topics. Many surgical specialties will be encompassed by means of plenaries, symposia, masterclasses, and breakfast sessions during the Congress bringing them all together while still maintaining diversity and giving due recognition to individual specialties. The contribution and commitment of Specialty Surgical Associations and common interest groups are highly commended in developing the vibrant academic programme.

Pre-congress (already commenced) and post-congress workshops are organized targeting a limited audience giving a more depth and practical approach (including hands-on experience) in specific areas. Conducting some of the workshops in venues outside Colombo depicts the degree of involvement of the Regional Chapters of the College.

We wish Sri Lanka Surgical Congress great success and along with the Organizing Committee, we warmly welcome all our delegates to this meeting.

Ajith Malalasekera & Ranga Wickramarachchi

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Organizing Committee

International Faculty

Mr Stephen W Fenwick                             

Dr Shyam Varadarajulu

Dr Raja Shanmugakirshnan

Professor David Gyorki

Professor Mike Griffin

Professor Christopher R Chapple

Dr Venkatesh Munikrishnan

Dr Roy Patankar

Professor Narasimhaiah Srinivasaiah

Dr Judy Evans

Dr Udayangani Samarakkody

Professor David Richens

Professor Jacqueline Taylor

Professor Abhay Rane

Professor Rowan Parks

Mr Phil Tozer

Professor David G Armstrong

Professor Surendra Kumar Mantoo

Dr Siddesh G

Professor Abdul Majeed Chaudhry

Professor Sunil Kumar Dhakal

Dr Jim Khan

Professor Rajeev Parameswaran

Professor Amit Agarwal

Dr P Jagannath

Professor Krishnakumar Madhavan

Mr Hassan Malik

Mr Mike McKirdy

Dr Narasimhia Sirinivasan

Dr Sharmila Dissanaike

Dr Padmini Hewavitharana




National Faculty

Dr Ajith De Silva

Dr P Parthiepan  

Professor Ranil Fernando

Dr Shivantha Fernandopulle

Dr Dammika Dissanayake

Dr Suranga Manilgama

Professor Aloka Pathirana

Dr Minoli Joseph

Dr Sharmila Dissanaike

Dr T G Amal Priyantha

Dr Nissanka Jayawardhana

Dr Duminda Ariyaratne

Dr Niluka T Amarasinghe

Dr Buddhima Jayawickrama

Dr Joel Arudchelvam

Dr Amanthana Marasinghe

Dr Padmini Hewavitharana

Dr Arosha Dissanayake

Dr Buddhika Dassanayake

Dr Malik De Soysa

Dr Kanishka De Silva

Dr Surath Munasingha

Dr Jagath Kumara Rathugamage

Dr Kithsiri Senanayake

Dr P Jagannath

Professor Krishnakumar Madhavan

Dr Nilesh Fernandopulle

Michael Silva

Narasimhia Sirinivasan






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