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Online learning for surgical trainees

Online teaching for surgical trainees

Conducted by the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka. Organizer – Dr Ranga Wickramarachchi, Dr Gayan Ekanayake, Dr Malik de Soysa, Dr Dulantha de Silva. 

If interested; please contact the college through email


 09th February @ 2.00 P.M. Benign Oesophageal Conditions  Dr S H Rukman Sanjeewa 
 24th February @ 3.00 P.M. Peripheral Vascular Diseases Dr Amila Weerasekera
 24th march @ 2.00 P.M. History Taking & Planning Management of  Surgical  Patient – The Fundamentals Basic Lecture Series – 01 Dr Gayan Ekanayake
 08th April @ 2.00 P.M. Patient with Acute Surgical Abdomen – Basic Lecture Series – 02 Dr Nissanka Jayawardhana
 22nd April @ 2.00 P.M.Cardiac Risk Assessment for non Cardiac Surgical patients Dr Anura Banagala
 29th April @ 2.00 P.M. Patient with a toe gangrene coming to Emergency Department – Basic Lecture Series – 03 Dr Joel Arudchelvum
 11th May @ 2.00 P.M. A diabetic patient presenting with fever and leg swelling – Basic Lecture – 04 Dr H R Thambawita
 13th May @ 2.00 P.M. Managing Cervical Lymphadenopathy – Basic Lecture – 05 Dr Mahanama Gunasekara
 18th May @ 2.00 P.M. Case Discussion on Acute Urinary Retention in a General Surgery Unit – Basic Lecture – 06 Dr B Balagobi
 25th May @ 2.00 P.M. Case selection in Day Surgery Dr Sujeewa Thalgaspitiya