Pay Online CSSL

" (Please note: All transaction amounts indicated here, is inclusive of a credit card commission which is charged by the bank) "

1. Membership Fee
  Life Membership Rs.51,550 PAY
Rs.41,240 PAY
  Senior Affiliate
Rs. 5,155 PAY
  Junior Affiliate
Rs. 1,031 PAY
  Associate Member
Rs. 10,310 PAY
  Annual Subscription Rs. 4,124 PAY
2. Membership ID Charges
  Membership ID fee Rs.2,578 PAY
3. National Trauma Management Course
  Consultants Rs. 7217  
  Medical officers/ Registrars Rs. 5155  
  Observers Rs 2578  
  Foreign participants USD 62  
4. MD Surgery Part 1
  Full Course registration Rs. 12,373 PAY
  Weekend registration Rs. 3,093 PAY
  Day registration Rs. 2,060 PAY
5. Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) - Sri Lanka
  Sri Lankan Applicants Rs. 90,000  
  Sri Lankan Trainees Rs. 60,000  
  International Applicants USD 600  
6. ERPM Preparatory Course
  ERPM Preparatory Course Rs.25,775  
7International Cambridge Anastomosis workshop
  Registration for per Participant Rs.25,000