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How can we show the various artifacts of Sri Lanka’s surgical history to a global audience? This was the challenge the CSSL set themselves. The result is this virtual museum, which is under construction. It is ‘work in progress’ and no doubt would grow and be modified over time.

It is established to cover few main themes. They include artifacts from Sri Lanka ancient surgical history, images, artifacts and documents relating to the giants in the modern surgical history, memorabilia of the College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka and contemporary surgery images.

The virtual museum has the advantage of global reach as well as continuous access. This would be complemented by a real museum of the CSSL in the future.

Visitors to the virtual museum are invited to walk through each room and view the images by clicking on them. You may skip any room and exit at any time. Should you have any comments, do not hesitate to fill in the feedback form when you exit.

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