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Calendar 2020

July 2020

 Severe Burns – Emergency Management Course9th DGH Vavuniya
 Council Meeting17th 7.00 P.M.CSSL
 Surg Ahead Vol.0327th6.00 P.M.“Zoom”
 Severe Burns Emergency Management Course 30th8.00 A.M.CSSL

August 2020

 National Trauma Management Course (NTMC)10th – 11th  CSSL
 Science of Energy Management14th2.00 P.M. – 5.00 P.M.CSSL
 Basic Laparoscopic Skills Workshop20th – 21st  
 Council Meeting 21st   
 Vascular Anastomosis Techniques22nd CSSL
 Surg Ahead24th  
 ERPM Prep Course – Part A25th – 26th  

September 2020

 Decision Making in Major Trauma (DMMT)3rd – 4th  CSSL
 Principles of Head and Cervical Spine Injuries5th  
 National Trauma Management Course – Anuradhapura17th – 18th TH Anuradhapura
 Council Meeting18th   
 ATLS25th – 27th CSSL
 Congress for Surgical Nurses26th The Lanka Hospital Auditorium
October 2020
 Hand Surgery Workshop3rd – 4th  
Non Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS)15th  
 Council Meeting16th  
HPB & Upper GI Workshop23rd NH Kandy
Emergency Sonography for Trauma Care 28th N H Kandy
Hands on Endoscopy Training for Trainees30th CSTH – Skills lab
Upper GI Workshop30th NH Kandy
November 2020
 Sri Lanka Surgical Congress 20205th – 6th  
National Trauma Management Course (NTMC)12th – 13th  CSSL
 Council Meeting20th (TBC)  
December 2020
 ATLS4th – 6th  
 Dr Noel Bartholomeusz Oration & Fellowship Ceremony12th (TBC)  
 Council Meeting18th (TBC)