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COVID 19 and the CSSL

We are in critical times. The CSSL has decided to postpone our congress, the SLSC 2020. The new closing date for submission of abstracts and orations in 30th of June. The new plan for the congress will take in to account current realities.


Several Guidelines have been circulated to the membership regarding operating during the Covid epidemic. The ministry of health too has sent a circular which was forwarded to the membership. Each hospital and sub specialty must decide for themselves what to do case by case basis.  We have a duty to care for all sick. Please be conscious of your own safety, the safety of all colleagues, safety of the patients, safety of your loved ones and community at large. Appreciate the work done by everyone around us including the appointed authorities and all workers and colleagues in essential services.

Every epidemic ends. Hopefully the caseload curve of this Covid 19 epidemic will flatten and recede in Sri Lanka as they always do in epidemics.


Meanwhile share your solutions put in place and your achievements with your fellow surgeons by writing to the Hony secretary, CSSL. in this regard.

Dr Jayaindra Fernando,
The College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka


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